The Guidance Team is the first in a brand new set of games that take place in an alternative world. In this first title, explore a world filled with tragedy after a devastating attack on a major city. Still recovering after several years, the government has setup a new group to help those still in the city, as well as those trying to go in. Follow several different characters, each with their own story, as they do their missions through this terrifying city. Teleport between the various security cameras in the city for a nausea-free way to guide your characters. Finished with the missions? Take on survival mode and see how long you can last against the hoard!


As our very first title, this game was born out of a desire to create a game that both challenges us as a company, and encompasses what we value in a game. We began by thinking about what we liked in video games growing up, and how we could adapt those previous technologies to fit GearVR. The GearVR platform was specifically chosen, both due to its large userbase, as well as its challenging hardware requirements. We began by experimenting with platforming elements, similar to traditional 3D platformers. We immediately saw how virtual reality could bring new life to this incredible genre, and had a large variety of ideas. Limitations in our current budget required us to design a game that could be done on mostly free assets however, resulting in the current simplistic first game of ours. Going forward we can now utilize this game and re-focus future budgets on higher quality assets as a result however!


  • Tons of hidden achievements hidden throughout a massive world.
  • Explore 4 action packed missions, then play through survival mode afterwards!
  • Find a variety of different zombies, each creating different dangers!
  • Our first of many virtual reality titles!




Game Released
At long last we have finally released our game!
Trailer Release
Our first trailer was release in this blog post
Announcement Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was announced is available at

About RGB Schemes

RGB Schemes is a game development company, focusing on fun and unique games. Located in Seattle Washington, we are currently working on several virtual reality tools and games, while also helping to build a thriving virtual reality community here in our city.
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The Guidance Team Credits

Gerald McAlister
Game Designer, Business & Development, Software Engineer
Grey Davenport
Music, Audio Design, Sound Effects