Announcing Our First Game

RGB Schemes | March 29, 2017 | News

For the past several weeks we’ve been hard at work on finishing up our very first game for the Samsung GearVR. Today, we’d like to go ahead and officially announce our first game, The Guidance Team! Set in the near-future, this game is a third-person shooter that takes place in an apocalyptic wasteland. You begin as a brand new employee of the government group “The Guidance Team”, and are charged with helping various people navigate their way through a forsaken city.

The logo for our upcoming game.

One of the first titles supporting Oculus Avatars, take the fun online where you can hang out with friends as you help various survivors. The initial launch will feature two modes: Missions and Survival. Missions mode follows several characters through the city on their own, allowing you to Guide them along the way. You can jump from security camera to security camera to help scope out trouble ahead, and equip them with various weapons you find along the way. Survival mode finds you trying to outlast zombies as they invade various spaces that you need to protect. Last as long as you can, and earn achievements and other unlockables in both modes. We’ll also be updating both of these over time with new levels, characters, and more, and are currently working on the next major update as you read this.

You can view our full presskit here, and please feel free to contact us directly as well. We will be uploading the first trailer of the game in the next few days, so keep an eye out here!