Ringing in 2018

RGB Schemes | January 26, 2018 | News

2017 has been quite a busy year. While we had originally planned to release The Guidance Team in 2017, our schedule got pretty booked up, and so we unfortunately did not meet our deadline. That said, with 2018 here, we are just about ready to release our first game, and to lead into this, we want to begin by releasing our first trailer for the game:

Being our first game, we’ve learned a lot about game development and releasing a game, which should help us going forward with future games. To that end, for 2018, we have a few major changes to our website, releases, and more that we’d like to share with you today!

More Games, Shorter Dev Time

First and foremost, we want to get our games out to you guys quicker. A lot of the delay surrounding our first title however has been due to us over-promising and not wanting to under-deliver. In the end however, we had to ultimately remove features, and for that we are sorry. Looking back, the biggest flaw that we had was discussing our game far too early in the development cycle. While what we call the “Valve Approach” is not as fun since we can’t tease our games as much, we think that ultimately it will be better for the community if we do this. This means that from this point forward, we will do our best to not announce our games until they are ready for release. We’re also planning however to keep our games smaller and for lower prices, in order to ensure that we can meet our goals for each title.

Less Blogs, Consistent Posts

Another big goal we had for 2017 was to post more of our development blogs. While these have been a huge hit, our goal of a blog post each week was ambitious, and ultimately became much harder to meet when we began getting more busy. To that end, we’re going to ramp down our blog posts to one post per month as a minimum, though we may do more on occasion. This will hopefully lead to more consistent posts, with a bit more detail and editing done for them. We’re also going to continue updating our tutorials as best as we can when things break (such as due to API changes), but we do ask for you guys to reach out when this happens. We generally don’t immediately notice when this happens, but we always try to correct them when we can.

Big Goals for 2018

With these changes in place, we hope to make 2018 a much more successful year for us. Indie game development is not an easy thing, and we thank everyone who has read through our posts and helped us along the way. While 2017 was a slow year, 2018 is already looking to be much faster. For those of you waiting for The Guidance Team, we aren’t far from launch now, so please keep an eye out!