Updates All Around

RGB Schemes | May 22, 2017 | News

It’s been quite a busy past few months, so we wanted to go ahead and give everyone an update of what’s been going on, and where we are heading in the near future! These are exciting times, and we are incredibly excited about what’s coming up over the next few months. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Our Tutorials

As many of you have commented, our tutorials for Oculus Touch have recently been broken by the updated Oculus tools. We are working to update these, but we want to ensure that we archive the previous versions of the posts, so that others can still use them. As a result, we are working on an archive section before we publish updates to them, so that you can still read the older versions. This should be completed soon, but in the mean time we are just about finished with another developer diary on how to fix what has broken. This will be published on Wednesday this week. We know it’s taken us a while to address this, so our apologies for this! In the meantime, you can find a fully updated Unity project here on our Github page. This utilizes the latest SDK, so if you want to play around with it please do!

Our Games

While the announcement was very small, we have announced our first game, The Guidance Team, in a previous post. We are nearly finished with this, and are focusing our efforts on generating lots of high quality content for the game. We feel that many virtual reality games are quite short in length, and so one of our focuses has been on making a game that has a longer play time. Because this is our first game, this has unfortunately taken longer then expected, but we are getting very close to completing this. We plan to upload a trailer very soon, so stay tuned to our website for more updates!

If you are part of a website reviewing virtual reality games, we will be setting up a way for you to get an early copy to review in the coming weeks as well, so please keep an eye on our presskit page for updates. You can also reach out to us via our contact form, and we will notify you once the review copies are available.

Our Future

RGB Schemes was founded in order to create games that we think are fun, while also pushing the limits of what games currently are. We have a lot more we want to share over the coming months, but we also want to create a community of both gamers and developers. To start this, we’ve created a Discord server that you can join here. We have a virtual reality development channel, as well as a channel for The Guidance Team setup, though we can add more if people are interested. This is a great way to chat with us, and we also welcome anyone who is interested in playing games with us to join as well.

We’re also looking into a variety of new technology to play with as well. Many of these will not result in new games or applications, but we are looking to open source some of the experiments we do as well. We’re not quite ready to announce anything more yet, but please keep an eye out for this soon.

We’re still a very young and small company, so please be patient with us as we update everything. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us so far, and hope you enjoy the various projects we are working on!