Rgb Haptics 2.0

RGB Schemes | August 13, 2020 | News

We’re excited to announce the immediate release of RGB Haptics 2.0! RGB Haptics is undergoing some major evolutions, and this is our first major step towards this. You can go ahead and download the latest version from the Unity Asset Store now. Excitingly, this is the exact same version that will be used in our upcoming experience Play Bunker!

New Haptics Types

One of the major features we’re excited to introduce is Absolute Haptics! Absolute Haptics are similar to traditional haptics on game controllers, but provide all of the detailed haptics that RGB Schemes provides in an easy to use API. This means that you can easily use audio files and our custom waveform haptics format in more traditional games as well! This is an experimental feature, and requires Unity’s new input system, but going forward we’ll be working to better support non-VR games as well!

Tutorials Page

We’re also excited to introduce a new set of tutorials! You can find all of them listed here. Going forward, we’ll be working to add many more tutorials, including some more advanced ones covering how we did our marble’s in a cup demo! These are still a work in progress, so please keep an eye out on that page. We’re also accepting tutorials from those interested in creating them! If you’re interested, reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll work with you to post it.

Future Updates

We’re hard at work on the next set of updates for RGB Haptics! We had originally hoped to post updates every month, but this goal has rapidly become to lofty with all that we have planned. Thus, we are going to work to maintain a 6-month update cycle for RGB Haptics going forward, in order to ensure that we are providing valuable updates for the tools. If you have a feature request, don’t forget to pop into our Discord server, and shoot them our way, or alternatively, you can now file them against our GitHub project here!

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